Our priority is to ensure all adults can live independently, and we work continuously to provide residential care and supported accommodation that allows our service users to do this. For more information on the bespoke  care services we provide, please get in touch. 

Young People and Adult Care Services

Supporting young people and adults with mental health and learning disabilities, we provide tailored care for all service users. Offering residential care for young adults years and supported accommodation for  aged between 18-65 years, we draw on our wealth of experience to ensure all users receive quality care.

Our team consists of highly trained support staff, health and social care professionals that co-develop treatment and support plans for young people and adults placed in our residential settings and supported accommodation. Young people in transition are supported to understand their diagnosis and supported to learn coping skills and strategies on how to manage their mental health needs independently.

We help all our service users to identify their own signs and triggers so that they can access support in the community.

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