Our Approach

TIME to think, developed with the help of young people:

Our Approach 1

  • T – Trigger, Therapy, Transform, Trust

  • I – Isolation, Image, Inspire, Integration

  • M – Medication, Monitor, Mentor, Motivate

  • E – Engage, Educate, Encourage, Ensure

Our main goal at Osei Minkah Care Limited is to keep positive resilience alive, and we achieve this by giving hope and guidance to our service users, which are the key ingredients to building social inclusion, stability, healing, and a sense of purpose.

Moreover, the feedback received from young people has been positive:

Our Approach 2

  • The Self-Harmers Reduce Self-Harm

  • The Missing Reduces Missing Episodes

  • The Mental Health Crisis Impacts on Day-to-Day Life Less and Less

  • Healing Between Friends and Family Starts

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